Winter Magic – an exciting programme for the February holiday!

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Do you remember when you were a child and a year seemed to take forever to pass by? Because the little ones operate on a different calendar from the rest of us, Moominworld now opens its doors during the autumn break as well as the winter skiing vacation.

We all know that aunt, who already starts preparing for next Christmas just after the New Year, as well as the teenager who begins planning their next Ruisrock festival a year in advance. I also know a child, who begins to dream about the next trip to Moominworld as soon as they’re crossed the bridge leaving the Moomin’s island. 

Moominworld is a place, where children long to return.

It’s little wonder when Moominworld is a place, where children long to return.

​​​In the early days, Moominworld was only open in summer. However, over the years the season has gradually extended both to meet public demand but also Moominworld’s own efforts to make greater use of the fairy-tale valley on Kallio Island throughout the year. Starting in autumn 2018, Moominworld’s annual rhythm moves to the beat of three different seasons.

Winter Magic comes again in February!

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Winter Magic has been the winter event for over ten years already. It takes place during the eighth week of the year, the same time that the schools in Southwest Finland have their skiing holiday. Winter Magic (aka: Moominland Midwinter) is one of Tove Jansson’s children’s books, but also Moominworld’s winter event for families who spend their winter break holidaying in Finland or somewhere close to home.

According to the original story, Moominland Midwinter begins when Moomintroll awakes from hibernation at the wrong time and discovers the wonders of winter outside. These wonders will be available in the Moominworld Winter Magic activities, adapted depending on the weather.

“One of our specialities is the slippery snow-covered slide, which we make every year, whatever the weather,” tells Ann-Karin Koskinen, and continues:

“In some years, it has been the only sledding in the city!”

For urban kids, the Winter Magic is a great way to get to know winter nature, and with a children’s cultural twist. On Kaillo Island you have the possibility to ski on mini-skis, have a try at mini-curling or even snowshoeing. And even if there’s no snow, you can go and grill sausages, climb to the attic in the Moomin House, try hobby horsing with Drontti, embrace the fairy tale and breath in Turku’s archipelago in winter.​​​​​​​

Winter Magic in Moominworld 16th–24th February 2019.

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In cooperation with Moominworld.
Text by Liina Komi. Photo and video from Moominworld.

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